Insteon Hub Version 1013 Release Notes and Details?

So I really am starting to question my usage of Insteon hardware in my automated home lately. The Insteon App for Android is just poor, I’ll leave the details on those complaints for another blog post, but today, let’s talk about the latest Hub firmware update.

Insteon sent out an email today stating

The next Insteon Hub update is ready to make its way to your hub. Updates will be getting rolled out this week starting today, Monday 12/18.
Your hub will automatically install the update between 2:00AM and 5:00AM local time during the roll-out period and will take approximately five minutes to install. During the update you will be unable to use the Insteon app or any third-party integrations such as Amazon Alexa, or Logitech Harmony Remotes. In addition, any configured schedules will not run during the update. 
To learn more about the details behind this update, check out the release notes.

There was a link in there to the "Release Notes" for this update, version 1013. The release notes take you to this page:, where you will find about the most useless release notes you could ever ask for.

Version 1013
This version of the Insteon Hub firmware adds support for improved 3rd party integrations. This update is being released on Dec 18, 2017 and automatically installed although it may take a few days to propagate. 

Please note: With this update the LED on the front of your Insteon Hub will frequently alternate between red and green. This is normal behavior. 

What? adds support for improved 3rd party integrations

What the hell kind of useless release notes is this? What kind of improvements? What kind of integrations? Will Insteon Hub finally work with Google Home? How ever will we find out?

Post below if you find out any additional details about Version 1013 of the firmware for Insteon Hub.

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