YouTube TV is now on Roku!

Just in time for the 2018 Super Bowl YouTube TV is now available on select Roku devices and Apple Tv!

As a recent cord cutter (October 2017) I’ve been waiting for this day. I signed up for YouTube TV in October, before actually cutting the cord on Charter Cable here in Wildwood, MO, but since then the use of YouTube TV has been limited in our house to mainly myself, my kids and my wife haven’t used it, because it wasn’t “easy” to get going. You could previously use YouTube TV on a PC, via a Chromecast (casted from your mobile phone), or on Xbox. I used all three of those options fairly regularly, but the rest of the family stuck with Netflix on the Roku as the primary source of entertainment.

Yesterday, just in time for Super Bowl weekend YouTube TV has released support for both Roku devices and Apple TV! On this news, I ran out to Best Buy last night and picked up 2 more Roku devices to finish off the TVs in our household.

If you haven’t checked out YouTube TV you should. It runs about $35/mo and gives you access to (most) local channels, as well as a large number of sports and other “cable” type channels. Here in the St. Louis metro area, you don’t have access to the local Fox channel, but you do get FoxNet which tends to run some of the bigger events that should be shown on Fox. YouTube TV also comes with DVR service in which you can schedule recordings and find them in your library to watch later.

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