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Insteon Hub 2245-222 (rev 1.13 4814) won’t power on

Sitting in the basement tonight, getting ready to movie night, the family started yelling “Hey Google, Turn off the basement lights”. To our dismay, Google was unable to turn off the lights.

I noticed a few days ago that the front light didn’t appear to be working, wasn’t turning on/off on schedule, I turned it on manually one evening, and the next afternoon it was still going.

I rebooted my Insteon Hub, or so I thought. I thought even after doing so, I was able to get the lights to work via an app, but apparently I was mistaken.

Our Insteon Hub has died. Apparently this is a very common problem, according to this thread.  So I ordered the recommended capacitor (C7, a 47uf 50v), and this weekend I’ll be working on repairing the Hub to see if I can avoid having to buy a new device. I will tell you, if I can’t repair this one, I won’t be buying another Insteon Hub.

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